junhyung and sunggyu whispering to each other ^◡^

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And you said it would never happen.(We will miss you Bommie) and the end of Roommate.


Knowing how the Korean media acts with issues like this, it was just a matter of time. They never let this stuff slide because Netizens are pretty harsh when problems like this happen. Anyways, the show is pretty much doomed now that Bom’s gone.

[14/07/27 Unplugged Concert] Dongwoon: We will have good news soon..


DW: We will have good news soon..
B2UTYs: eofkqoxnwofns soon?!?
DW: Ack I’m canceling the word “soon”

cr: yongjunna

*Did he perhaps mean BEAST’s 2nd minialbum?? In the fall or by the end of this year?

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BEAST - Sad Movie 140727

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Super yong mario

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dooseob teasing “mario" forever …

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The question is “WHAT HAVEN’T YOU DONE FOR THE TEAM?” You’ve done more than enough, Dara. 

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MC Dongwoon’s last episode ╥_╥ [x

+ sneak peek to new MC [x

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beast+ infinite = idiots

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