My One Year Tumblr Anniversary!


I’ll just take this opportunity to thank all my followers. I appreciate every single one of you guys. This is like my little haven where I can go to every day and just forget all my responsibilities for a while (and rant). So take this as my little appreciation post to you. <3

And a little extra thanks-and I know I say this all the time-to my Mentalist followers. The other day I realized some of guys are still following me, even though I’ve had less Mentalist related stuff in my blog because of the hiatus. Thanks!

And of course, there have been three peeps in particular who have made this a fun experience: aniiunicorn (*sends hugs!*) bella-js-honey (you’re awesome!) anitabonitaposts (I can freely spazz junhyung with you ^^). Keep being awesome!

I’ve had an ask here and there from some of you other guys, but these three gals are just the ones I’ve ‘talked’ to a lot aniiunicorn you are the essence of my 100+ inbox lol

Thanksss!! ♥

No, but really, how awesome is Sungyeol in High School Love On? Every time he speaks he says something smart and idk he’s just amazing. To bad he’s the second lead (*cries* my poor sungyeol).

Woohyun is cool and all but Sungyeol just has something that makes him stand out for me. Lol. That being said I would like to say that Woohyun and Seol Chan (Monstar) would make a hilarious duo when it comes to relationships. Just imagine. The two biggest dorks trying to figure out their relationships.

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Let’s Learn with Shin Woohyun


Today’s lesson: How not to get closer to someone you like

1. Prepare one popcorn and cola.


2. Watch a scary movie on the phone. Then you can shorten the distance between you and the girl a whole lot.


3. Be afraid of the movie.image

4. End up fainting because of the scary movie.image

5. Faint again after waking up and experiencing another “scary” encounter.image

Episode 6 : Confession? Always the wrong timing!

"But does an angel actually fall in love?"

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I love how he smiles when singing

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There’s no meaning if you’re not there

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Cube: “Not long ago, JunHyung’s SNS video on his emotional conversation with Super Mario caught fans’ attention, hence, we parodied that. The teaser talks about someone who is crying wished to be comforted. Yong JunHyung personally featured his voice (as Super Mario)”


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"Why vote for the boys they can’t win over YG or SM groups anyway"


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"how to comfort a friend: glare at the with disgust" - by kim heechul

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BEAST / More Than You Think -(NEW SONG from “BEAST JAPAN BEST”)