Shin Hye just tweeted about 12:30. The last part though. Lol. 주녕이? XD


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really upset right now because I can’t find my flash drive with my work due tomorrow of course the one semester I go back to stupid flash drives this happens


a little motivation to go vote!
also vote for simon & robin. :)

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I think it’s time I pack my bags, go to Korea, and help Cube handle details.

Like really I’m not a fan who complains about Cube every single second but come on Cube, really? You have to give me something to work with. Just….ahh how could you not double check!?

Junhyung TIME Photocard [x]
Junhyung TIME Photocard [x]

B2ST cheering BTOB up

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Beast's actors ► Dramas and Music Videos

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yoseob tries not to get noticed to avoid having to put on the suit

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[INFO] 14/10/21 CUBE will release a choreography video for “12:30” if the MV reaches 2mln views before October 27th (Monday)!



Watch the MV »here«


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12시 30분

12시 30분

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So soo sooooo cute!!! ♥

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Yoseob’s video message to Hyunseung.

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