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The Mentalist 6x19 Promo Photos
Jane’s hands on the Lisbon’s hair *_*

Looking at promo pics...

  • Other people: Why are you hyperventilating?
  • Jisbon shippers: Look at his hand! Look!
  • Other people: Oh, that's weird. Why is he t...?
  • Jisbon shippers: Don't you see? His hand is on her head! He's touching her hair!
  • Other people: ... and why is this even relevant?
  • Jisbon shippers: HE'S TOUCHING HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!
gikwang-ah… you already know this but thank you for giving me the chance to work with you when i was lost. even in the future, i hope our friendship never changes and that we’ll always do well.”

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"When you see a shooting star, you want to make a wish, right? What kind of wishes will you make? I know it’s childish, but I’m going to wish to meet a fateful love. The wish you make on the stars… wouldn’t it be okay even if it’s a bit like a fairytale?"

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At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who donated money nor how much. It doesn’t matter who mentioned the tragedy, tweeted about it, or spoke out. Because the passengers are the most important now. It could be my ultimate bias doing one of the above and I wouldn’t spend my time praising him, because that’s as trivial as all the people complaining about the entertainment industry stopping.










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10 Reasons why you should watch The Mentalist

2. Patrick Jane

"To the casual observer, Patrick Jane is an investigative consultant for the FBI. His closer friends would describe him differently: con-man, manipulator, a Mentalist. Growing up in the carnival, Jane learned the arts of cold-reading and the long con. He made a name and fortune for himself passing-off his mentalism skills as psychic gifts. But those “gifts” cost him dearly. Because of his reputation as a psychic, the Los Angeles police worked with Jane in their investigation of the notorious serial killer Red John. One morning, Jane appeared live on a morning talk show and blithely insulted Red John. For that insult, Red John murdered Jane’s wife and young daughter. 

Deeply hurt and driven by revenge, Jane vowed to use his mentalism skills to catch Red John. He needed help. So Jane joined the CBI as a consultant and was assigned to Senior CBI Agent Teresa Lisbon’s team. He helped them close cases and they helped him hunt Red John. Over the years, they became Jane’s new family and he began to see a future after his family’s death. Unfortunately, the cost of avenging Jane’s family and finally killing Red John was too great. In the process, the CBI was dismantled, Jane was forced to flee the country, and his new family scattered all over. 

Two years later, Jane returned to the States at the request of the FBI. They wanted him to help them just like he had helped the CBI. Jane is still solving crimes, but it is with a new team in a new town Austin, Texas. And though Jane works for the FBI, he came back for Teresa Lisbon, his family. The final chapter of Jane’s life has begun.”

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If you don’t think this was the best thing Jane could have given her you’re wrong.

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Teresa Lisbon + her family 

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